Tim Webb

Why Choose HAUS?

Maximize Income | Reduce Expenses | Maintain Your Investment

We know real estate metrics can be boring. 1% rule, 70% rule, cash on cash return, ARV, NOI, ROI etc...etc...ugh. You no longer have to think about it. HAUS uses these tools daily to help maximize rental income, find ancillary income, decrease expenses, reduce vacancy loss and protect your investment. We have the best advertising tools because it's the right way to do business. Your property will be marketed on every major real estate site, our personal website and most major social media sites. That's right. It will be seen by thousands of people the first day on the market. Our management software makes interactions, lease writing, screening tenants, maintenance needs and money transactions seamless. Yes that means you get your money quick. We care about you, your investment and your families financial future in a way most people don't because that's how we we're raised. Being educated, working hard, putting family first and maintaining relationships built on trust is how we do business. We are boutique because we want to be.

Give us a call and click on HAUS in a Minute to get 1 minute clips on how to buy, rent and maintain property.